Are You Ready to Lead?



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Are you ready to lead?  In many leading social media leadership tools and web sites, this question is typical.  There are many great leadership resources in the cyber world.  Google the word, leadership and you will find hundreds of entries.  When you type in “deaf leadership,” you might find only a few.

As a deaf leader, are you ready to lead?  The meaning of the question immediately changes.  We live in a very complex and competitive world.  With a click into our cyber world and we get instant information. We also live in an auditory-based world.  There are plenty of audio books, webcasts, web chats, recorded presentations and more.  The convenience of leadership resources is just tremendous for the mainstreamed Americans.

Can we stay on top of our game?  Yes!  But, we certainly do need to utilize every trick and resource to level the playing field and demand accessibility.  First of all, we would need to read quite a bit.   Invest in some good reading glasses and set aside time with your computer or tablet.

As a deaf evolving leader, some of my strategies include:

  • Checking out the TED webcasts(  Majority of the webcasts are captioned.  They provide a wide range of topics. I tend to pay particular attention to the topic that seems to capture the audience interest, content, presentation style, pace, poise and attire.
  • Stay connected to your favorite news online.  I often do a scan of current events and identify leaders who are featured in the news.  Learn more about them.
  • I am a fan of books.  I like to read reviews and inquire among my colleagues about any new or past books that have been “talked about.”  I will invest in books or ebooks. Examples of books that has created interesting dialogues, Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and Deepak Chopra’s The Soul of Leadership.
  • LinkedIn Updates and News provides greats resources.  Stay updated with your LinkedIn and see what other professionals are contributing in your area of interest.
  • Learn how to “scan and skim.”  There are many great BLOGS and articles.

Happy reading and good luck in your leadership development!

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