Dying at Home

I shared my stories with a remarkable woman, Dr. Helen-Anne  Manion (of Bundeena, Australia).  I learned that she and her husband, Gerard, have dedicated their lives to working to help people all over the world with the Dying At Home program.  This conversation inspired me.

This video was created in honor of my father, Daniel Goncz and my step-father, Bob Stremmel.  Cancer took them away from my family.  While battling cancer, my father and step-father wanted to die at home.  These journeys were life changing and humbling.  Dying at home is possible.

I am committed to share my knowledge, experiences and support to those who desire to learn more about dying at home.  Speaking from experience, not once, but twice.  I am forever honored to be part of my fathers’ journeys.  They died at home with love, with family and with dignity.

I miss you Dad and Bob.  This is for you both with love.

Dying At Home (ASL version)   [Click to view video on Vimeo]

Dying At Home (ASL version)   [Click to view video on YouTube]

For more information on Dying At Home  [Click here]

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