Reframing in a Snazzy Bright Outfit


Darlene - Reframe 2

It is nearing the end February and the sub-zero temperatures in South Dakota show no signs of letting up.  I am digging deep for every ounce of energy to stay motivated, focused and warm.  It is hard!  Who in the heck wants to venture outside, let alone get some work done? It’s too *&#% cold!

What I should do is reframe this predicament.  How can I make this frigid weather work in my favor?  Let me think about that one…  Negativity aside, there is always the positive side to everything.  It is reframing how we think.  Reframing is a powerful tool to change the way we think and redirect our unfavorable energies into positive ones.

Reframing is a technique by which a person learns to stop his or her negative thought process and replace the negative thoughts with more positive self-talk.  Simple?  No.  This technique does work, though requires a lot of practice and patience.  Equally important, it requires an open mind and creative ideas.  You do a lot of self-talk and engage in activities that influence a change in you.

I was getting pretty negative the past few days with the sub-zero temperatures, being holed-up in my house with two restless dogs and bundled in confining clothing.  The snow wasn’t looking pretty.  I decided to change my attitude and thoughts—reframed it.  “Hey, the sun is shining.  I won’t need a hat.  It’s a good day to catch up on writing.”  I put on my new yoga pants with a matching bright melon jacket.  I packed up my laptop and Zumba bag.  A change of scenery is in order.  I spent the day doing errands and did some writing at a coffee shop.  So far, my day has been pleasant!  I am getting nice compliments about my bright outfit, which I gleefully thanked them.

Hmm, the reframing is working!  I got my blog piece done in my snazzy bright outfit.  It matches my mood!  Now, I am off to Zumba class.  Ciao!

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