Video Version: Double Consciousness = Deaf Leaders?

Double Consciousness = Deaf Leaders?


My husband was telling me about an interesting story he heard on MPR, “Double Consciousness.” The Minnesota Public Radio announcer was talking about double consciousness from the perspective of African-American individuals. Double consciousness is a term describing the inner struggles experienced by marginalized individuals in an oppressive society. It was coined by W. […]

Video Version – A Call for Leaders with Disabilities

A Call for Leaders with Disabilities


I am kicking off a new series of vlogs and blogs focusing on the issue of leadership through deaf and disability lens. There are so many situations that are happening across the country resulting both positive and negative outcomes. While decisions are being made by able-bodied leaders, assumptions are drawn by […]

Twenty Years Later… Coming to a Full Circle


I had a very interesting revelation. I am certain that I am not alone in this admission. Twenty something years ago, I was starting out in my career as an energetic newly minted, confident professional. I had recently married, kept my last name and was filled with boundless curiosity. I was working five… […]

Reframing in a Snazzy Bright Outfit


It is nearing the end February and the sub-zero temperatures in South Dakota show no signs of letting up. I am digging deep for every ounce of energy to stay motivated, focused and warm. It is hard! Who in the heck wants to venture outside, let alone get some work done? It’s too […]

Do I Make a Left or a Right?


I just inhaled the last Christmas sugar cookie loaded with sugary icing. I am sitting here thinking, did I really want that cookie? Sigh, it’s definitely stress talking. Am I stressed out about the holidays? Ho, ho…no! You see I am trying to figure out what I want to be when […]

Accommodating the Hearing World: When is Enough… Enough?


I have nearly half a century accommodating the hearing world, in one way or another. That is a long time. I had never really considered myself a passionate activist nor an educator on audism. I have typically been the easy going, ultra-forgiving and accommodating person when it comes to my own personal needs. […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Advocacy is Our Responsibility


I am working on an upcoming workshop entitled, “Advocacy is Our Responsibility.” In preparing for the workshop, I was exploring the issues of why do or why don’t people advocate for themselves? I realize that advocacy is not an easy job and so for many people, they choose to avoid these situations. Though […]

The Virtue of Moral Courage: Standing Up for Our Legacy


With social media and televised news consistently buzzing and sensationalizing events on a daily basis; I am emotionally overwhelmed and cognitively bombarded. The stories and photos of critical current events are publicized over and over again. However, there are particular stories that sustained my attention, such as the passionate fights for marriage equality; […]